4 Blatt

In honour of the "instrument of the year", the saxophone, during the Musikmesse Festival the "4blatt" concert will be taking place in the Matthäuskirche. t will comprise four saxophonists, who came together in 2016 at the Academy of Musical Art in Darmstadt under the name of "4blatt." Just one year later they took the first prize in the all-Germany competition "Young People Make Music“ (Jugend musiziert). The name of the group is easily explained – four artistes play on four saxophones. They comprise Nikolai Shauchenka on the soprano saxophone, Tabea Renz on the alto saxophone, Szymon Kowina on the tenor saxophone and Timo Weber on the baritone saxophone.

Venue: Matthäuskirche
Date: 5 April 2019
Time: Doors open: 6.30 p.m., start: 7 p.m.
Price: Free admission

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