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The Real Group

The Real Group

The Real Group lives and loves music: its members are singers and musicians in one, for they make vocal music – better known as a cappella. Founded at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, they have been touring the globe now for over thirty years. They have already performed over 2,500 concerts on a wide variety of stages and are still thrilling their fans all over the world. Now and again they also work with orchestras and big bands – or pass their knowledge on to other singers. In the run-up to their performance at the Musikmesse Festival two workshops will be held with the Frankfurt Choral Society and the Hessen Youth Choir. For the concert in the evening the two choirs will have the great honour of taking the stage together for one or two songs. Then we shall see how The Real Group, with their stylistic mix of jazz, pop, folk and soul, lend a permanent tone to the a cappella scene with their unique shows.

Venue: Festival Arena
Date: 3 April 2019
Time: 7 p.m.
Price: € 25, free with Festival ticket, limited quota

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