Max Herre

Once you have heard the distinctive voice of Max Herre, it always stays in your ear. Inseparably connected with circle of friends classics like "A-N-N-A" and "Mit Dir", we understand Esperanto thanks to him. Max Herre has been in the business for almost 20 years and was looking for a new sound - and he found it. For this he travelled to his place of longing in the south and opened himself to new, musical paths there. The result can be heard on his fourth solo album ATHENS. The title was not chosen at random: The Greek city is Max Herres' vanishing point, as he spent part of his childhood and youth there because his father lived there. The homage to this phase of his life includes influences from Cloud-R&B, Gospel-Soul, GDR-Jazzrock, psychedelic Soul to wistful Disco-Dub. This gives the record a whole new Max Herre feeling - if that isn't "Grown-Up Rap" at its best!   

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