Moop Mama

One raps, two are on the drums and seven guys get everything out of their lungs with sousaphone, saxophone, trombones and trumpets: this is MOOP MAMA! Fat bass with brass and still a lot behind it, that applies to the Munich band's albums as well as to their spectacular live performances. With their latest record "ICH" they have created an identity that is made up of the egos, talents, moods and views of ten different musicians. A unity on the outside, there is of course friction on the inside. And it is exactly this friction that creates the warmth that is inside the band's hottest album to date. MOOP MAMA tells stories that mean something to each of us. And as diverse as the music of the brass combo presents itself, as diverse are the moments for which MOOP MAMA offers the right soundtrack. Whether on the couch, in the park or at the festival: The sound of MOOP MAMA does really good!

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